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Our optimization service can be utilized on any existing G code program no matter how old or what system it was created on. This is also accomplished without altering the existing tool path. Depending on the program and the amount of material being removed, savings of 25% or more can be realized.

In a challenging economic climate forward thinking companies realize they need every competitive edge to win jobs or even maintain their current statement of work. CNC program optimization can be that edge.
Our optimization service reduces cycle times by altering the feed rates to maintain a constant load on the cutter and machine tool based on the amount of material removed at a given time.
There are several benefits to G code optimization. The first and most obvious is to shorten the cycle time of the part, this results in a cost savings to manufacture. Payback on investment is very short, usually less than a year depending on how many times the job is run (money is saved each time the start button is pressed). What is not entirely obvious is that shortened cycle time also results in an increase of machine capacity therefore potentially doubling the cycle time savings.
Another benefit of optimization is a more constant spindle load resulting in less maintenance as well as decreased cutter wear . In a cellular environment cutter wear can be the difference between running a job lights out or not. Programs have been specifically optimized to decrease cutter wear, by controlling the entries and exits into and out of material cutter shock is reduced which greatly contributes to cutter longevity.
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Pictures reprinted with permission from CGTech